Lindsay Leboeuf // Graphic Designer


I have always had a passion for drawing, so naturally I decided to specialize in Fine Arts in High School. After High School, I received an Associate's Degree in Visual Communication and then a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design. I then received my Master's Degree in Graphic Design with honours in 2010. At the same time as I was working on my degree, I was doing my professional training at a compagny called WE Productions. Presently, I work at SweetPixel, a design agency specializing in film.


July 2011-Now

I am currently working as a graphic designer at SweetPixel in Montrouge. I create DVD covers and Blu-ray sleeves, advertisements for magazines, booklet for special edition and product sales presentations for movies like The Conversation, Killer Elite, From Dusk Till Dawn, Don't be Afraid of the Dark...

October 2010-June 2011

I worked as a graphic designer at Atomika, based in Vanves, 5 minutes from Paris. I create DVD and Blu-ray sleeves, advertisements for magazines and internet web sites, and product sales presentations for movies like Saw 3D, The Tourist, The Mechanic, The Lord of the Ring...

April 2009-September 2010

I worked as graphic designer at WE Productions, a production company based in Paris. Among others, I create DVD sleeves, advertisements for magazines, internet web sites and product sales présentations.

April-July 2008

Professional training at Tonnerre, a multi-imedia company based in Paris. I developed logos, packagings and booklets... I also designed and managed their website.


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